Whoever starts writing poems, novels or articles will easily gets addicted to it. Writing is like a healthy drug. To be writing not only means to be working but to be passionate about what you are doing. Experiences, impressions and cultural differences do have an impact on my everyday life abroad. That’s exactly why I start writing what’s well worth writing stories about.


In my most recent Blog Life in Canada I write about my new stage of life in North America. Explore how I settle in Toronto and how I get used to the American culture. Are Canadians just like Americans in sheep’s clothing? Why do they eat unseasoned Fondue? Where from do they know about our four national languages in Switzerland? And why are there so many squirrels fooling around all the time? 300 words every other Monday shall answer these questions.

My very first Blog originated from my trip around the world, which happened right after I graduated in 2013 from the University of Zurich. The Blog called Around the World tells stories about drunk Nordic people, loyal dogs, a crazy hike through the rice plateaus and a royal celebration during a tropical winter. I traveled from Zurich over Iceland to the United States and from there to Hawaii, Japan as well as Korea, further to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and lastly to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand via Finland back to Switzerland.