About Myself

Born in 1987 and grown up in Switzerland, I dedicate my passion to writing stories about what matters in life. Graduated in journalism in Lucerne and corporate communications in Zurich, both Switzerland, I have been working in the field of communications in a fast-paced international and multicultural environment.

I see myself as a creative thinker and planer who is adaptable to new ideas, an energetic team player who also enjoys working on its own initiative. As a global citizen driven to cultural diversity, I always try to embrace the local culture with an open mind.

Traveling and writing have been my passion for many years. Thanks to work experience at several media and communication companies, I could strengthen my research, coordination, planning and management skills. I worked for international firms such as Greater Zurich Area and Zurich Airport in the area of public relations. Later on, I worked in Toronto, Canada, as a Marketing&Sales representative for a Chinese manufacturer. I have been producing hundreds of news articles, blogs, features and background stories in daily newspapers as well as national magazines. Today, I work 90% as an editor for the Swiss media corporation Tamedia, respectively BernerZeitung.

Read more about my most important productions in my Portfolio.